Happy Christmas, for all those who are late, too

I was thrilled today, 25 December, to enter Falabella?s website and be pleasantly persuaded by its homepage. You realise how important Christmas sales are for any multi-product store.

All the stores have been tearing their hair out to contextualise their offer this Christmas and there is no doubt that gift cards seem to be an extremely attractive and sensible product for the Internet. But Falabella understands how important this ?lifeline product’ is for all those forgetful people who have not remembered their loved ones.

And not only do they understand how important it is, but also how to contextualise this product in a sensational manner: ?Today, 25 December, you are still in time to give gifts?.

This is the way forward for the Internet: commercial intelligence and contextualisation which understands about dates and business rules to maximise the possibility of persuading and converting.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles