Towards a private area which persuades people

We all want to persuade and improve our online results. But ?so far- it seems that we have not understood WHERE EXACTLY we need to do so.

I am thinking mainly of those online presences which we usually visit to check information or perform certain operations, such as the private areas of banks, insurance company, mobile phone operators or financial brokers.

So far we have tried to sell over our public websites and offer the highest possible degree of usability in the private areas where the clients come to operate. But here is when we realise how short a time our users dedicate to our commercial webpage until they manage to log in, and this is where we need to exercise the utmost imagination to offer new products and services in the most subtle and persuasive way possible.

What would we, at Multiplica, ask for private areas to do?

  1. Reflect Credibility and reliability: up-to-date, real-time information [1]
  2. Provide content of value: product portfolio, latest movements, multiple views,? [2]
  3. Be oriented towards client loyalty: exquisite customer support, exclusive alerts,… [3]
  4. Allow for personalisation: for visits, home pages, messages… [4]
  5. Achieve optimal experience of use which will generate habitual forms of use: simplicity, clarity, feeling of control, searchability,… [5]
  6. Allow a certain degree of interaction: transactions, simulation… [6]
  7. Have an excellent home page [7]
  8. Offer maximum persuadability: seductive copy, sales pressure,… [8]
  9. Go beyond macro-segmentation and start to micro-segment, with business rules and commercial intelligence [9]
  10. Contextualise messages based on behaviour and shopping history [10]

How Jordi Garcia, Multiplica?s user experience consultant, visualises it.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles