Become a user!

A few days ago, I attempted to highlight 15 things I think are relevant for persuading users on 2.0 type websites as part of a conference held in Santiago de Chile.

One of the reflections I made during my intervention was which would be the best strategy for registering for our service online. Let me explain.

At one end of the scale we have the services that only require an e-mail address and a name or nickname to become a registered user (among these, one interesting initiatives for wine lovers is ) and, on the other we have the ones which you have to pay for and which, at most, offer you a few days? free trial of the service prior to registering and entering the credit card number (among these are or ). I would point out that the business model of these paid services depends on the penetration in each country ( may be payment-only in Spain, whereas in Brazil it is free of charge, for example).

Between the two extremes there are different models which can make the same project seem more or less attractive. Beyond the model with simple registration that most of the social networks use (such as , or ), with all the variations (such as implicit registration when you perform a search such as in or when you try to contact a club or players on there are two models which are as irreverent as they are persuasive:

  • Model with a waiting list. is the best example of these and, given its success, no-one could say that it is a bad model. Word of mouth is how people learn about it, but desire is generated by leaving ‘n’ days between registration and acceptance of the registration by


  • Model with an invitation. Asmallworld ? and previously Orkut ? has generated a lot of expectation because you need other users (with privileges) to send you an invitation to be able to register.

In both cases, not allowing you to register immediately increases your desire to become part of this social network. What?s so special about this website, won’t let me register even if I am willing to pay? Pure desire. Pure persuadability.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles