From the point of view of my needs

From the point of view of my needs

The importance of increasingly focusing our commercial discourse from the point of view of our clients? needs (and less from our own or that of our products) is being debated both actively and passively.

Who wants a mortgage? A drill bit? Or a website? Probably nobody. Users want to buy a house, hang up a picture or sell over the internet. Our products or services will be the ones which will help meet their needs to achieve their objectives.

But how can we apply this to the Internet? In other words: How can we structure our web page, our offer, from the perspective of our clients? needs?

Here are 5 interesting ways of doing just that:

  • Understanding specific contexts within which our clients move. A good example of this is Bank of America when it contextualises its loans on the basis of situations with which many of us can identify.

  • Depending on the use we are going to make of the products we want to buy. Target comes into its own when it recommends products for when we need to say sorry, or thank you, or simply say ?Get Well Soon?.

  • Thinking of very specific lifestyles or segments. There are plenty of examples. We love Washington Mutual , which creates different discourses depending on whether we are single, part of a couple, or families with children. Different lifestyles with very different financial needs.

  • Speaking to our users? different personalities. Vodafone allows us to discover which mobile is best suited to us, bearing in mind the user?s personality traits.

  • Taking care of the user’s specific needs. Simulators, like T-Mobile ?s help us to see, in just a few mouse-clicks, which is the best mobile phone for us, based on our needs and possibilities.


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