GoogleMaps, a facilitator for the banking industry.

One of the most interesting aspects of the web 2.0 is its capacity for integrating applications which put the user in touch with reality.

Bank Of America surprises us with an exceptional landing page:
Persuasive copy + Google Map = A seductive offer

Why is it seductive?

Firstly, it keeps telling us that it is FREE.
Secondly, it says that it is a special offer only available to Internet customers.
Thirdly, it explains all the advantages and benefits in just a couple of lines.
Fourthly, an attractive use of Google Map to geo-reference the entire ATM network in New York.
Fifthly, in just 3 simple steps we can open an account with a trifling $25 deposit.

The user?s experience is always richer when the product is really tangible.

With this implementation with GoogleMaps, the user starts to experience the service on the webpage, visualizing the available ATM machines and, unconsciously, identifying the areas which will be more advantageous when he/she uses the service after opening an account.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles