Release your mobile and come over to us for 0 ?

Why should he/she choose us? is one of the possible questions that may occur to a user visiting us and who is not yet a client of ours.

There are very few sites which take any time or trouble at all to explain something as basic as ?Why come over to us??

Very few do as good a job as Yoigo, the mobile phone operator.

To convince those who are not Yoigo users

What could be better than giving our clients ideas on how to convince a friend to come over to us.

Why aren’t you a Yoigo user yet?

  • Because you are more faithful to your operator than to your partner. That?s rare, but OK, we?ll accept that.
  • You are under contract. Even so, with what you would save every month it?s worth your while to change.
  • Laziness. That?s no excuse. Changing to Yoigo is easier than exchanging a present. Give us a call and we?ll do it all for you.
  • You just love the small print. Oh well, THAT?s something you won?t be seeing in Yoigo. Our rates are what they are, with no tricks up our sleeve.
  • You?ve inherited a pile of money and saving is a concept alien to you. In that case?

In straightforward, human and blunt terms – very in line with the target audience they are addressing – the website explains why we should change over to Yoigo.

Congratulations Yoigo for your excellent copy.

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