Offer ends Monday!

I found the TV campaign that eHarmony is conducting in the United States these days to increase the user- and client-base for its online dating service to be extremely intelligent and compelling.

From Friday to Monday only, contacting any of the users of eHarmony is free of charge. Normally this kind of website ? like the market leader ? invites you to register free of charge after filling in their long-suffering form, but to contact other users freely you have to pay up front.

eHarmony, in its attempt to get new users ? and even users who registered but never actually bought into its services ? offers something hitherto unseen and which doesn?t cost a thing: playing with the time factor to allow any user to try out its service and see how worthwhile it is to pay for it.

An extremely persuasive strategy which even justifies a TV campaign to tell us that we have a whole weekend to find the partner of our dreams.

So take note now that the time factor will be one of the most frequently-used resources in future for exerting greater pressure on our users.

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