External conditioning factors

There are many factors ? generally external (at least for the Internet manager) ? which condition our online conversion ratios and that can help us understand the significant differences between sectors.

Here are just 15 of them…

1. Our company?s brand positioning. A powerful brand is the easiest way of making the decision to buy easier.

2. The type of product we are marketing. The more of a commodity our product is, the more it will invite our users to look for a better price before reaching a final decision.

3. The level of competition in our industry and what its top-of-mind awareness is (if any).

4. The seasonality of our products and their shelf-life.

5. The urgency of the need to buy our products.

6. The need to try out the product before buying it.

7. The importance of the decision to purchase and the degree of satisficing (satisfy+suffice) required. There are many people who ? depending on the type of product and the time they have spent on it so far ? decide not to waste another second of their time and who consider that our proposal is good enough for them to take the step.

8. The complexity of the purchasing process and the logics of seeking information and reflection in the purchasing process.

9. The need for multiple channels in the purchasing process.

10. Our potential users? initial intention to buy.

11. Knowledge about the category of product that we are trying to sell.

12. The aggressiveness of our company?s pricing strategy.

13. The importance of the unqualified traffic that our site gets (many users will reach our webpage completely by accident).

14. The typology and forcefulness of the marketing campaigns our company is carrying out. Generally speaking, campaigns tend to reduce our conversion rates (although, in absolute terms, they do increase our results).

15. The type of conversion we are seeking with our website. The generation of leads has very different connotations from online sales.

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