Campaigns which convert

Although I am not a fan of online advertising, I understand that it can be a vehicle for generating traffic. From my wealth of experience, I have identified 15 keys to designing and creating campaigns which convert.

Campaigns which convert…

  1. Pivot around the purchase of words. I have not so far discovered any online marketing action which is more cost-effective, and there are many, many companies which are far from maximising and optimising their adword campaigns.
  2. Worry about what will happen when the user has clicked. They expend too much energy on planning online resources or the creativity of parts and very little on reflecting on what we want users to do and how we can persuade them to do so.
  3. Are obsessed with the SCENT. They key is to generate expectations that we can fulfil and create communication actions which are as linear and vertical as possible.
  4. Use well-thought out landing pages. The landing page as a page designed to develop our discourse in the most effective way possible in view of the campaign we are conducted is the resource that we must explore over the short term to improve our conversion rates drastically.
  5. Do so from the perspective of persuadability. J
  6. Are relevant for their target audience. We must flee from advertising messages and tend towards developing arguments ? either emotional or rational ? which are always relevant and pertinent.
  7. Understand that long-tail optimises conversion. When purchasing words, the long-tail is the shortest way of finding users with the clearest ideas and, therefore, the most accentuated intention of buying.
  8. Create a feeling of urgency Now or never is the message which campaigns wishing to boost their chances of success make us think.
  9. Provoke action by the user, making it clear that we expect the user to do something explicit and removing any obstacles which may distract him.
  10. Are dynamic and intelligent, using keywords in the titles, geographically contextualising, with business rules which depend on the degree of user progress in the conversion process, with proactive attention being paid to specific scenarios.
  11. Work with clear indicators and objectives. Indicators such as rebound or conversion rates and the cost of customer purchases are analysed in minute detail and there are many, many goals and hypotheses which are tried out before starting any campaign.
  12. Use Google Website Optimizer as a road-test vehicle to maximise the possibility of conversion.
  13. Are multi-channel and track cross-impact in every direction.
  14. Care about the cost of acquiring customers. Variables like the CPM or Cost per click no longer make any sense and we need to think which is the objective cost we can allow ourselves for each new customer and continue to work on this until we achieve it.
  15. Always think in terms of ROI. Without calculating the ROI of each of our communication actions, our capacity for criticism and assessment is extremely limited. We need to demand more entrepreneurial decisions of ourselves in everything we do. In the type of online campaigns we conduct, too.

We shall continue to work on this to make the most sense of how to conduct and materialise campaigns which convert.

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