Persuadability at the right time

A few hours away from knowing who is to be the next President of the United States, every little push counts to win these greatly-disputed elections. And Obama and his team ? in spite of what the surveys say ? have understood that they must use their web-page to direct the energies of sympathisers and militants among the Democrats to win every last vote.

This led me to think how important it is to wait until the right time to prioritise certain calls-to -action which will help us maximise some kinds of behaviour among our users.

Persuadability at the right time.

Obama knows it all too well. Now ? a few hours before the polling stations close ? is the time to invite his users to pick up their phones and call possible voters in key states. One call could make the difference.

Here is a screen-shot of his homepage in which he is clearly inviting us to pick up the phone and make one last effort.

Extremely persuasive and intelligent, because he understands that the strategy of his online presence to win these elections is ? for once ? to mobilise his enthusiastic followers to reach every last undecided voter. And, obviously, embrace the times we live in.

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