Preliminary details of the second, online banking persuadability study

We have almost finished a new persuadability study. We analysed the public areas of the 20 largest Spanish banks and have compared them to the 5 benchmarks in the United States to see their level of persuadability, who is doing things better and the new trends in the sector.

The sample

To select our sample (both the Spanish and American banks), we used the ones who generated the largest profits in 2008.

The results

Overview of the results of the Spanish banks and comparison with banks in the United States. Bank of America occupies a privileged position. As regards Spain, la Caixa, Santander and Banco Popular occupy the top three positions on the list.

Initial conclusions

  • As regards marks, the distance between Spanish and North American Banks is not all that great. With the exception of the Bank of America, which stands out well above the rest, the North American banks we analysed are not that different from the main Spanish banks. [1]
  • The online banking home pages have not yet found the right way to distinguish between customers and non-customers. They continue to launch generalised messages for both audiences. Until they start using different home pages for each type of audience, the trend in the United States is to use the left-hand side of the page (linked to the login process) for customers and the larger, central area for capturing new clients. [2]
  • The offers tend to be less aggressive. The crisis has reduced the number of figures included with their products. Banks no longer wage a ?numbers war?; they are using more traditional and tangible offers, such as gifts (an iron, crockery or pots and pans) for taking out a banking product. [3]
  • Spanish banks need to learn how to develop their sales patter from the American banks. The model of the physical branch, so deeply-rooted in our country, does not carry over well to the Internet. There are some such trends in the United States: the use of intuitive configurers, access from what the user needs more urgently, the use of comparisons and contextualised help pa

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