A double challenge. One way forward.

You are proud of your website. It is transactional.  The design is exquisite. Set up from a SEO perspective. Technologically sound. And very, very usable.

Congratulations.  You have reached the starting post.

To reach your goal (maximising conversion rates until they can?t be improved any further), you need to take on a double challenge:

  1. Making an important leap forward as regards site persuadability and bringing out all your commercial aggressiveness.
  2. Being more relevant, pertinent and proactive (pushy, even) using current technology

What is now up-and-coming is a one-way street (even if it is ?S?-shaped).  What is fascinating about it is that it will force us to combine worlds which have never been discussed in companies: rules of business, sales and marketing and technology. And doing it on a multi-channel basis. Welcome to the future.  The next few months and years will show us how to design and create intelligently persuasive websites.

Por si te perdiste estos imprescindibles