Persuasive software. Naturally.

After having worked for different software companies including Openbravo which quadrupled its conversion rates after implementing some of our recommendations – here are 10 core ideas with 10 examples which are worth discussing.

Orientation towards presenting our product from the perspective of the benefit it offers (1) rather than what it can do or its features. ‘Grow your business, not your costs?’ says Salesforce. ‘Talk more, pay less? says Skype. ‘The best (free) way to manage your money?’ says Mint, which is then quick to tell us what we can achieve with its solutions and when it is particularly valuable.

Orientation towards displaying the product with a good demo (2). Once the user has understood ? albeit superficially ? the tool or software we are offering and bearing in mind that the user will probably not spend time reading reams and reams of text, a short, audiovisual and interactive demo will be the best way of persuading the user to that it is worth his while to register or ask to test the product.  Mailchimp uses a powerful video to show us its e-mail marketing tool.

Orientation towards simplicity for the entire site (3): ‘less is more’. The clear trend, as far as we can see, is to go to lighter sites, with fewer elements, less text, more icons and visual resources to help us get a quick grasp of the solution (without getting stressed out).

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